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[ Free Games to Print and Play at Home during the Quarantine ]
Enviado por MagicJebb em 2020-05-18


My name is Fabian Balbinot and I am a game designer.

I'm not a physician to save lifes, a scientist to discover cures, a truck or motorcycle driver to deliver things people need during the pandemics.

I make games for people to have fun. That's the thing I do.

This print and play game is the way I found to help people in these difficult times.

However, I realized there are different kinds of people. People with different opinions, or who have gone through different situations in life. So I decided to create two versions of this game.

If you like the idea of facing the Coronavirus in a game, struggling to increase beds and obtain hospitals while recalling the health and safety hints and recommendations we have seen so many times recently, I believe the original version of COMBAT THE CORONA is a good choice for you.

Click on one of the images below to download the game files - they are available at Dropbox and as a single zip file. Since this is a print and play game, after downloading you'll just have to print and cut the cards and stuff. Not a big deal - and it can be a funny pastime for kids!



I recognize, however, that there are people who prefer not to mix things up and would rather not use a COVID-19 related game as an entertainment alternative.

And there are plenty of reasons to justify this. Some people simply may have grown tired of the subject, while others may have lost any of their loved ones thanks to this terrible disease.

I deeply respect all these people.

This work is not intended to offend or belittle them, or to make light of such a serious situation.

What I want here is what I always wanted with every new game I developed: to see people happy, having fun, smiling.

INVASION OF THE NAMELESS (BRICK EATING) MONSTERS is the alternative version I made for this game, that you can download clicking on one of the images below. I hope it serves as a distraction for those people who no longer want to hear about this disease - and as a reason for people to smile while waiting for the good news that will certainly come.


I wish the cure for this disease comes as soon as possible. And I wish this game can make these moments while we wait for this cure more enjoyable for everyone.

Best regards.

Learn how to play these games by visiting our
Youtube GAMEPLAY TUTORIAL VIDEO subtitled in english,
by clicking the image below.

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